Using Twitter as a Social Media Newswire

(Sunday, March 30, 2008)

It's ironic that people groan when Twitter comes-up in a conversation: "Another social network I have to maintain? No thanks." The reality is that Twitter is simple and low-key - the antithesis of the typical MySpace/LinkedIn annoyances. The brevity and immediacy of Twitter opens-up the possibility of interesting side applications.

Consider the characteristics:

  • Twitter messages are necessarily brief (limited to text message length)
  • They can also be immediately viewed if you use Twitterfox, a Firefox extension that sits in your status bar.
  • You can easily have a network of many "followers", and there's no cost in terms of annoyance (basically, they're invisible to you until they "tweet.")
Taken altogether, this makes the perfect recipe for setting-up a social media newswire of sorts. You could gather-up friends and acquaintances who post links for fun or profit, and create a Twitter-based network for spreading the word.

To be continued...

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