SES: Search and Social Media Bury the Hatchet

(Saturday, March 22, 2008)

One of the highlights of SES New York was watching Jason Calacanis (Weblogs, Mahalo) humbly acknowledge that his first impression of SEO was solely based on deceptive techniques used by "black-hat" companies.

Since then, he's been exposed to the real SEO community: the consultants and agencies that add value to websites and get their work in front of an audience. He learned first hand from Neil Patel, who worked some magic on Calacanis' blog and boosted traffic by 21%. Now Jason's put SEO into practice at his Mahalo directory, which oddly enough is now skyrocketing.

A similar meeting of minds took place in Boston a couple weeks ago, when the local Social Media Club chapter gathered a 100 or so people to talk about search as it relates to social media. I was on the panel with some colleagues from the search and PR space, and fielded questions from bloggers and community builders who wanted to understand how search works, and how search marketers approach the task of popularizing a website.

Oddly enough, there were no fireworks or heated debates: just an acknowledgment that both social and search have proved themselves as legitimate marketing channels. It's great to see that both industries have matured to the point where they can coexist peacefully.

(And it makes you wonder when the next "renegade" marketing technique will make an appearance.)

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  1. Andrea Wasik Says:

    I searched on George W. Bush hoping to get the TP image but I just got a boring picture of the GOP logo.

    Seriously, I did try to use it to look for something. I need more information about a specific topic and Cuil turned up zero results. Google does come up with plenty of results for that same query - just nothing that really answers my question so far. So maybe if they can't find your search terms on the results pages they just come back with nada? Anyhow I'll keep fooling with it.

    When will you make another blog posting? I see on twitter that you're thinking up topics.

  2. Andrea Wasik Says:

    Have you been following the Edward Lewis (aka pageoneresults) hubub? There's some good infighting in the social media crowd for ya.

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