The Trouble With All-In-Zero Video Players

(Friday, April 11, 2008)

Companies are starting to realize that people are flocking to online video, spending their couch time staring down at a laptop, Cheetos on hot stand-by. Scary news if you're a TV network - so what do you do? Try to build a video portal of your own. Only sexier! And more sophisticated! And... ooops - they just lost their audience.

Search engines can't find clips inside that fancy all-in-one video players. What's the alternative?

Individual landing pages for every video in their inventory. This reflects our newfound priority, which is to provide a variety of entry points that attract a wider viewing audience. In case this all sounds familiar, it's because this is exactly what YouTube does. Before YouTube was a Google property, one of its top priorities was to achieve widespread visibility in search results.
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The Trouble With All-In-Zero Video Players

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